Office Yoga Stretches Almighty Beauty

Using lunch breaks to do a few easy-to-learn yoga exercises at the office desk can change the symptoms of cervical spine and lumbar muscle strain, and even maintain a fit body.

Come with your colleagues!

  1.Ting Xiu scheme: basic breathing method: sit in a chair, legs close together.

The humerus is straightened to support the chair, the mandible is retracted, and the spine is straightened.

First relax a bit, inhale with your nose, and expand your chest with force to fill your chest, abdomen, and belly; then relax your jaw, exhale, and relax at the same time.

Exhale with two breaths, slowly exhale from your nose, and hold your breath after exhaling 1?
2 seconds.

  Note: Yoga breathing is divided into deep breathing, light breathing and quiet breathing.

Different breathing methods are used depending on the magnitude and difficulty of the action.

Absolutely what to do, adjust the breathing like this before and after training for 5 seconds each time.

  Efficacy: Firm the body, prevent the sagging of the chest, and then keep the mood happy and comfortable.

  2.Flexible cervical spine scheme: indentation method on the chair: After adjusting the sitting position, keep the spine upright and evenly breathe.

Inhale and raise your right hand, holding it above your head; exhale your head to the right, relax your left shoulder, and maintain a breath; then inhale your head and recover, lower your left hand.

The left and right hand positions are reversed to perform the opposite exercise of the same action.

  Note: When performing small-scale local body movements of the upper body, the spine must be kept upright.

  Efficacy: You can use this method to stretch the muscles in a timely manner, relax the brain, relieve the pressure on the spine that bends down and the tension of the shoulders at work, make the neck straight, beautiful, and exude a confident and elegant temperament.

  3.Lumbar abdomen weight loss program: Standing posture and back-to-back method: Standing next to you, holding your chest up and abdomen, holding your hands tightly, turning around while inhaling, standing still for 15?
For 30 seconds, breathe naturally and then exhale.

Do this four times each.

  Note: When rotating, turn your waist, chest, neck, head, and feet. Keep your back muscles straight. Try to turn your head backwards. Look far away. It is best to look at green objects and relax your eyes.

  Efficacy: Turning the abdomen can stimulate the spine and various internal organs, promote hormone secretion, make the body very comfortable, the mind is very clear, and it is attracted to work again with fullness.

  4.Relaxing up and down plan: Double-angle method: feet with shoulder width, toes forward, slowly lower the upper body forward, slowly keep parallel to the ground while straightening straight, fasten your fingers, try to keep your body and legsThe first right angle of the body, and the second right angle of the arm and body, breathe naturally, hold for 5 seconds, inhale to restore the body to stand upright.

  Note: Respiration and exercises are well coordinated, and your feet should be stable.

  Efficacy: The curvy of the front end is done here, which can eliminate the curvature of the spine and relieve back pain, back pain and rear-end strain.

The unexpected result is that you no longer bend over your hump while walking, and the top is enlarged.

  5.Tight foot solution: Squat method at the table: Leave the chair you have been relying on for a long time, stand behind it, legs apart 30 cm, arms outstretched, and naturally rest on the chair.

Exhale, squat on one side, cross your legs, hold your breath, hold your breath, contract your hips, and feel that the entire hips are lifted upwards.

Keep this posture 1?
3 seconds.

Relax your chest and inhale.

Practice 5?
10 times.

  Note: When the chest is lifted, the anus should also be lifted at the same time, so that the whole body will be refreshed.

  Efficacy: OL is always “sit”.

Hip bone accumulates a great deal of pressure every day, and the thighs also have excess meat due to excessive relaxation.

This move focuses on the OL’s “solid down” heart hate, wonderfully change the chest line, enhance leg strength.

  Coach private room coach / Li Meijian fitness coach Lin Zhi 1.
20 for the above five yoga techniques?It can be completed in 30 minutes.

When you do, pay attention to slow and gentle movements, and you can reach your own ability limit every time you do an action. Don’t try to force yourself.

  2.Each movement has a yoga breathing method to match it. Inhale and exhale slowly and evenly.

  3.During the exercise, focus your willpower on your stretched area. Don’t be overly nervous. Learn to feel the muscle’s stretch.

  4.Avoid exercises before and after meals. Exercises work best on an empty stomach or during work fatigue.

  5.Insist on a regular basis every day, after 3 days of continuous practice, you will see initial results.