Stay up all night with a skincare solution

Overtime, playfulness, insomnia, for so many reasons, we have gradually become “less sleep pie”, “night cat family”.

Less sleep seems to give us more time to move, but it has the most direct and worst consequences-skin damage.

Especially after the 25-year-old watershed, one night less sleep, the skin is like one year old.

The beauty cost is lost after staying up all night until it can’t be covered by the thick powder.

We absolutely don’t approve of “Sleeping Pie”, but how can we keep our skin full of vitality when we have to do “Sleeping Pie”?

What you need is a more effective resuscitation maintenance program than others.

  For the perennial cats who like to work at night or are accustomed to sleeping late at night, staying up late has become a daily routine, and the biological clock that has been upside down cannot be completely changed.

So how to minimize the damage to skin by staying up late?

You need a complete bedtime maintenance plan.

  Skin protection for staying up late.

For the OL who needs to work overtime all night at the computer, after doing the moisturizing treatment, be sure to remove another layer of isolation milk to isolate the computer radiation.

It is also recommended to use protective lights instead of ordinary fluorescent lights.

  Complete and effective bedtime maintenance.

Dermatologists found in the research that when the skin is not properly rested and maintained, it will affect the skin’s own water-locking function, causing a large amount of moisture to be lost from the skin and the body, resulting in severe skin dehydration.

Before going to stay up all night, it is best to remove makeup thoroughly, and then apply a skin moisturizing effect or spray moisturizing spray to increase skin resistance.

After staying up all night, use warm water and cleansing liquid to thoroughly wash away the dirt absorbed on the face, and finally apply soft skin care products before falling asleep.

  Occasionally, the night cat beauty skincare plan stays up to work overtime once in a while, and I forget the time when I go to the party. Although occasional sleeplessness does not hurt the skin, the traces of tiredness are left during the day.

What you need to do is, after the night stay, first aid maintenance and beautiful grooming the next morning.

  Remove makeup the first time.

Any time you come home late, don’t fall asleep in bed.

First remove the heavy makeup with a mild makeup remover for eyes and lips, which can minimize the irritation and damage to the skin.

Pure mineral foundation and make-up are relatively less harmful to the skin, so consider using it during makeup.

  A cream containing salicylic acid and fruit acids.

Fruit acid and salicylic acid can achieve deep cleansing, especially salicylic acid is currently the only complex component that can really penetrate into hair follicles for cleaning actions. It can increase the rate of keratinocyte metabolism and reduce the accumulation of waste and toxins on the skin surface.Stay away from tired expression.

  Energy massage for a radiant complexion.

After getting up in the morning, it is recommended to massage the facial skin with a massage cream.

Massage can increase the temperature of the skin and promote blood circulation, so as to deliver enough nutrients to the skin and make the skin radiant.

Next, use micro-circulation-based skincare products to improve skin tone.

In this way, your skin recovery basically creates a rosy glow.

  Get up early and sleep less. The beauty plan company is too far away from home. You must start two hours in advance, or catch an important appointment set at 8 o’clock-even if you don’t sleep late at night, getting up too early in the morning will let youBecome sleep deprived.

Get up early and sleep less, and effective skin care is required.

  Good night mask to let the skin sleep.

Apply a creamy leave-on mask containing shea butter and natural moisturizing essence to your face before bedtime, massage gently, then wipe it off with tissue paper or apply it on the skin the next day, your skin will become supple.Full texture.

  Apply eye cream to eliminate goldfish eyes.

Lack of sleep can easily cause bags under the eyes and puffiness.

In the early morning of the next day, pay special attention to the application method when using eye cream, which can effectively improve the goldfish eye.