Chinese medicine remedy for kidney stones

Kidney stones are literally “stones” in the kidney.

Although kidney stones are a benign disease, other diseases can also occur if left untreated.

The following is a Chinese medicine health expert from the aspect of health care, called the treatment of kidney stones.

  1. Rock sugar walnut kernel rock sugar 120 grams, fragrant deep-fried walnut kernel 120 grams, a total of fine research, 60 grams each time, 4 times a day, boiled water can soften the stones.

  2. Red bean porridge previously rice, 50 grams each of red beans, 20 grams of ground chicken powder.

Earlier rice, add red beans and boiled porridge, stir in golden chicken powder when cooked, add an appropriate amount of sugar.

Consume 2 times a day.

  3. Gourd Festival, Winter Melon Festival, 500 g of Winter Gourd Festival, 1000 g of Winter Gourd, wash and slice, add water to cook soup.

Finish the day.

  4, 30 pieces of fish brain stone in the head of yellow brain fish powder, ground into fines, divided into 10 equal parts, served with boiling water, 1 serving each time, 3 times a day.

  5, ebony peach kernel ebony five, or raw walnut kernel 100 grams per day, drink plenty of water, take effect on phosphate stones.

  The above prescriptions based on traditional Chinese medicine and ingredients for the treatment of kidney stones hope to be helpful to patients with kidney stones; but they are not universal, so patients must use these recipes under the guidance of a doctor!