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Bayberry is rich in vitamin C and rich in nutrients. Some people accidentally swallow bayberry kernels while eating bayberry. Many people want to know if bayberry kernels can be eaten, and if they will have any impact.

It is not much affected by the accidental swallowing of bayberry nucleus, but it must be eaten with caution.


A small amount of swallowing bayberry nucleus has no obstacle to the body.

If you eat too much, there are only disadvantages and no benefits.

Because the bayberry nucleus has an anaesthetic gastrointestinal tract, the gastrointestinal tract cannot bear and cannot be digested, which may cause intestinal obstruction and difficulty in excretion.

However, children and elderly people with poor digestive function should not swallow, because children’s esophagus and trachea are small, the nucleus is easily pinched, which has adverse consequences.

It is especially dangerous for patients with gastric ulcer, gastrointestinal diseases, transplanted tumors, chronic tumors, etc., because their interiors are usually relatively narrow, and it is easy to cause backlog or even rupture after swallowing bayberry nucleus.


Wash the dried bayberry kernels, crush them with bayberry kernel garlic mill, boil and cook for another ten minutes, find that the color of bayberry kernel water becomes darker, and then pour it into the foot basin.

Soak your feet when the temperature is right and cool in the water.

Myrica rubra extract has obvious killing and inhibiting effects on gastric cancer (803,823) cells under in vitro culture conditions.


Note: Bayberry can help digestion, but after all, the bayberry kernel is a hard object. It will definitely not be digested in the stomach. If you eat a lot, you may also have intestinal obstruction.

In fact, inadvertently eating a small amount of bayberry kernels is not relevant, but don’t consciously eat a lot of bayberry kernels.

Although myrica rubra can soften under the influence of stomach acid, it is occasionally swallowed by adults, which is not a big problem. Children and the elderly must not swallow it.

Bayberry can stimulate gastrointestinal motility and help excrete harmful substances.